Membership & Enrolment

Lake Macquarie U3A has an annual Membership fee currently of $50 per person.  Membership is for a calendar year only. As a member, you are entitled to attend as many courses, talks and events as you wish during the year, subject to the availability of places.

How do I become a new member?

You can become a new member in the first instance by sending your First Name, Surname and Email Address to Membership

When do I pay the membership fee?

The fee is renewable after the Annual General Meeting and before enrolment is confirmed for participation in courses. It remains the same regardless of when membership is renewed or when a new member joins during the year.

How do I pay?

This annual fee may be paid by direct deposit or cheque as follows:

Direct Deposit:
Transfer $50 to the following account. Ensure you provide your Surname and First Name:
BSB Number: 650000
Account Number: 959020300
Account Name: Lake Macquarie U3A Inc
Description: Surname First Name

Write the cheque for $50 to ‘Lake Macquarie U3A Inc’ and post to:
Enrolment Officer
Lake Macquarie U3A Inc
PO Box 864

There is currently no online method of payment on this website.

What am I entitled to as a member?

You are entitled to attend any LMU3A courses, talks and events subject to the availability of places.

You receive a detailed Program in January for Semester 1 and June for Semester 2. Each provides in detail all currently scheduled courses, activities and additional information. There are also four Newsletters each year to provide updates, notices, photos, and other interesting aspects about our U3A activities.

A Variety Concert and a Musicale are presented towards the end of the year to showcase a wide range of courses in an enjoyable atmosphere.

How long do courses run?

Most courses have one session per week, extending over several weeks or over the full year. Some are once per month. Talks on a wide range of interesting topics might be only a single session.

Courses that extend from one semester to the next are deemed ‘continuing’ courses.

Are there limits to the number of places?

Many courses and single session talks have no limits to the number of members enrolled. Others, due to availability of leaders, venue restrictions, or procedural requirements, have class limits.

It is not uncommon for popular courses with limited places to be oversubscribed. In that case, a wait list is set up. Course formation is carefully managed so that usually only a low number have wait lists. Being on a wait list does not necessarily mean you will not gain admission in time. However, a small number of courses sometimes need to close to late admissions off a wait list if too many sessions have occurred for new members to catch up.

Do I need email?

Enrolment applications and any changes to membership contact details can be made by using our simple and fast email system. We also prefer to send all communications including the semester Programs, Newsletters, course changes and advisories, and other notifications to your email address by default as it is cost effective and quick.

Emails save much time for you and for our volunteers who process the material.

We ask that you take a little time to become familiar with our email systems using the link below. As email submissions are read automatically, excessively conversational emails cannot be processed.

Instructions for Membership and Enrolment by Email

How do I update membership contact details?

Our Constitution requires we maintain a register of the name, address and contact details of all members. You can update your membership contact details by email or by post.

By Email:
With an email address, you will automatically receive a ‘Membership Contact Details’ email around the end of each semester. You can reply to this in a specific way with any changes. You do not have to reply to the email  if there have been no changes. The email contains easy completion instructions. For more detailed information see: Membership Contact Details Email Example

By Post:
The Membership Details form is included with your semester Program or may be downloaded from the website as below. Complete according to instructions provided on the form, and post to the Enrolment Officer at the address given above for a cheque payment.

How do I apply for enrolment and advise payment method?

By Email:
With an email address, you will automatically receive an ‘Enrolment Application’ email soon after the Program each Semester. You can make course selections, advise of payment method (Semester 1 or new member), or course related information such as offering to assist as a course clerk or volunteer, or provide suggestions for new courses. It is for all items except contact details. The email contains easy completion instructions. For more detailed information see: Enrolment Application Email (Example Semester 1 or New Member) and Enrolment Application Email Example (Semester 2)

By Post:
The Enrolment Application and Membership Details forms are included with your semester Program or may be downloaded from the website. Complete them according to instructions provided on the forms, and post to the address given above for a cheque payment.

How do I download forms if I have no computer?

If you have not provided an email address then the Program and membership and enrolment forms will be posted to you before the start of each semester. At other times, you can visit the Toronto library, who might have some forms available, or they can assist in the use of their computers to download the current Program at Program Semester 2 2017 – 11 August and the current Enrolment form at  Enrolment Form 11 August 2017

Do I have to re-enrol at mid-year?

At mid-year, you do not need to re-enrol if you have a place in or are on a wait list for a continuing course. You will need to complete an enrolment application if you are:

  • a new member;
  • enrolling in a course commencing in Semester 2; or
  • joining a continuing course for which you were not previously enrolled.

Can I assist with courses and events?

Your assistance is very welcome in the role of course clerk as this helps the course leader and the smooth flow of a course. The role includes oversight of the attendance sheet, collection of the roll in case of emergency, sending informational emails to the class if necessary, or collection of any money for photocopying.

As U3A is fundamentally a volunteer organization, your assistance also is most welcome and encouraged at occasional showcase or mailout events, or to provide suggestions for new courses.

Do I receive a confirmation letter?

After enrolment, you will receive a Confirmation Letter detailing the status of your enrolment application. You will also be told about any courses with class limits if your application was unsuccessful.

How are class and wait lists prepared?

With the introduction of email enrolment, traditional order-of-receipt sequencing for creating class and wait lists is not fair to all members when a course has a class limit. Some members can receive and reply to the enrolment email within minutes, while various circumstances mean that other members might not have their application received through the post in less than a week or more.

The process for preparing class admission and wait lists has been revised as follows:

  • for courses with a class limit, enrolments received within an initial period of approximately 12 days after the Program mailout will be placed in a ballot; sequencing of admissions is unimportant if there is no class limit
  • enrolments received after the ballot period up to the enrolment closing date will be sequenced in order of receipt
  • after the initial construction of class lists, your Confirmation Letter is emailed or posted, and there is a period of approximately five days during which changes can be made freely to your enrolment selections
  • to reduce endless revision and reprinting of class lists, to stabilize classes for course leaders and course clerks, and to encourage early enrolment, a freeze is applied on enrolment applications from five days before the start of the semester until the second week of semester
  • if you are enrolled in a continuing course in Semester 1 there is no need to re-enrol mid-year as your place will carry through to Semester 2
  • if you have a place during Semester 2 in a course that is continued as part of the following year’s Semester 1 Program you always need to renew membership and re-enrol; a place may be reserved for you, though this will lapse if you have not re-enrolled by the formal Semester 1 closing date

These enrolment practices intend fairness to all members and to our volunteers who manage applications and class formation, to encourage early enrolment, and to provide early stabilization of class lists. Required dates are notified in the Program.