Course Clerk Help

Course Clerk and Leader Help

Members of LMU3A having Course Clerk and Course Leader roles have access to functioning of the U3Admin Portal in addition to that of Members. These capabilities help to share the tasks involved in managing class enrolments and communication.

Although Course Leaders in this context have the same capabilities as Clerks, it is LMU3A policy to appoint Clerks for each Course, Talk, or Event so that the Course Leader is freed from administrative tasks. In some instances, with the approval of the LMU3A Course Clerk Liaison person, a Leader may take on the responsibilities of a Clerk.

With the implementation of the Portal and extended capabilities for Course Clerks, it is easier to action the LMU3A policy whereby a member who has not attended for three sessions and not advised the Clerk of the absence, may be removed from the course so someone on a wait list can take their place.

The following documents should be read by all current Course Clerks.

Two are intertwined:

What are course clerk capabilities in the member portal (click here).

What are the functions for a course clerk (or leader) (click here).

Support documents are:

How to change a participant’s enrolment or waitlist status (click here).

How to find a member’s or their emergency contact’s details (click here).

How to manage class attendances (click here).

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