How do I join Lake Macquarie U3A?

Information about joining Lake Macquarie U3A is contained on the Membership and Enrolment page.

How can I get involved and help?

There are several ways you can become involved to make sure the organisation runs smoothly.

  1. Offer to lead a course. If you have a special interest or experiences to share, consider volunteering to become a Course Leader and share your knowledge with other members. Send an email to  Program Development .
  2. Volunteer to be a Course Clerk. Course Clerks are vital to the smooth running of U3A courses as they mark the roll, open and set-up the room, pass on communications to attendees and assist the presenter as necessary.  Indicate your  willingness to become a Course Clerk on the Enrolment Form or send an email via our Contact Us

Who can attend courses?

Anyone who is a financial member can attend courses.

Is my privacy secure with online forms or emails?

Every web page and email account used by Lake Macquarie U3A for communication from members is securely encrypted.

Membership and enrolment information entered to an online form or email is not accessible by anyone else.

What if I cannot attend a course?

As a courtesy to the Course Leader, please notify your Course Clerk if you are unable to attend a course at any time. If you do not know who your Course Clerk is, please email via our Contact Us link  for the Course Clerk’s contact details.

How do I withdraw from a course?

If you wish to withdraw from a course, please use the Member Portal to remove the course from your list of enrolments and email via our Contact Us link as soon as possible.

What does the message mean about opening documents from a “trusted site”?

This message is generated for some browsers and is dependent of the security settings. You can trust documents we upload on this website  as they are scanned for viruses before uploading. If you see this message followed by “Do you want to trust this site?”, answer “Yes” to continue to download the document.