Licenses and Insurance

LICENSES: Leaders should be aware that Lake Macquarie U3A hold the following licences. If you need more information go to U3A Network NSW website under U3A Governance you will see “Copyright for U3A Groups”.

* APRA Works and AMCO Works – covering music used by choir, orchestra, ukulele and any other musical group.

* PPCA Sound Recordings – covering music at concerts

* Copyright license – reproducing written information in classes


We have two insurance policies:

(1) The AON General and Public Liability Insurance policy for Not For Profit Organisations which protects U3A if someone is injured and it is U3A’s fault and thus U3A incurs liability. 

(2) The AON Not for Profit Facility Voluntary Workers Insurance which protects U3A if someone is working as a volunteer for U3A and is injured during the course of that work. 

However, these policies are not whole-of-life cover for personal injury or death of anyone who is simply engaging in activities arranged through U3A. The insurance premiums on such a policy would be prohibitive. Because of the above insurance limitations, we have the Risk Statement which you can see below.


In order to promote and foster the safe and enjoyable aspect of belonging to Lake Macquarie U3A Inc (LMU3A) this Risk Statement clarifies:

(a) the risks and responsibilities of members and/or honorary members (hereinafter in this Risk Statement referred to collectively as “Members”) attending or participating in any LMU3A course/s or events, and

(b) LMU3A’s disclaimer of liability or responsibility for any risk inherent in undertaking such course/s or events.

 Members acknowledge and accept that:

(i) Participation in course/s or events organised by LMU3A may involve certain risks, including the possibility of harm or damage to Members and their property.

(ii) Such risks will require Members to exercise prior judgment as to whether to commence or continue with any particular activity irrespective of information supplied by the association’s officers

(iii) it is the sole responsibility of Members to determine whether or not to undertake or continue any course or activity

(iv) LMU3A does not insure individual Members’ property, which is regarded as the sole responsibility of each individual Member.