Management Committee

Lake Macquarie U3A is governed by a Constitution and managed by volunteers under the auspices of a Management Committee.

Members of the Management Committee for 2017 are as follows:

President Christine Peel
Vice President Lionel Farrell
Treasurer Veronica Lund
Secretary Pauline Wiche
Course Clerk Liaison Robyn Dampney
Enrolments Ann Hayter
Events  Bernadette Lowther
Member Liaison  Mandy Lea
Membership  Glenys Chambers
Program  Joy Norris
Publications  Rosalind Wigham
Publicity Susan Coggan
Venues  Carole Obre

Your 2017 Management Committee

Standing from Left: Glenys Chambers, Joy Norris, Bernadette Lowther, Robyn Dampney, Rosalind Wigham, Ann Hayther, Carole Obre. Seated from left: Pauline Wiche, Christine Peel, Veronica Lund

Other roles:

Public Officer – Anne Mills

Webmaster – Vince Dale