Membership and Enrolment

As a member of Lake Macquarie U3A:

  • You are entitled to attend as many courses, talks and events as you wish during the year, subject to the availability of places. 
  • Membership is from February to January of the calendar year following each end-of-year Annual General Meeting.
  • You agree to and acknowledge the LMU3A Risk Statement, other information on the Licences and Insurance page, the Terms and Conditions, and Refund and Cancellation Policy.

Regardless of when membership is taken up throughout the year, the full yearly membership subscription applies, of $65 per person.  Click here for payment instructions.

Our Membership-Enrolment processes are created around the fully online U3Admin Member Portal (, which is hosted within a secure Microsoft Azure data centre.  This is designed as an easy-to-use, self-service environment where at any time on any device you can:

  • View, add or change (withdraw) your course enrolments
  • Change your address, phone and other membership contact details
  • Pay your membership fee with immediate effect via a secure payment process
  • Check the availability of courses for enrolments and any waitlists 
  • Link another person to your email address to act on their behalf
  • Check which class sessions are on and when
  • Set up the Portal as a convenient app on your computer or smartphone

We recommend payment of fees through the secure Member Portal as membership of LMU3A then takes effect immediately.  Importantly, U3Admin processes keep you waitlisted for any course you have added to your enrolments until membership payment is confirmed, which may be delayed if paying by direct debit or cheque.

To start using the Member Portal all you need is an email address, then click the above button to take you to the initial point of entry.  Three segments allow you to:

Click to display class schedule

  • Scroll though the courses to check descriptions, days, times and availabilities of courses of interest
  • Use the zoom buttons to display at a comfortable size
  • Optionally, print any pages of interest

Click to register

  • Follow the step-by-step process
  • You might find it helpful to read the available instructions.  

Click to log in

  • Enter your email and password 
  • We recommend you change your password at first login
  • Check your membership details are up to date
  • Add to or change your chosen enrolments
  • Change your password
  • Change your email address
  • Your time will be well spent reading about Member Portal features in the Quick Setup and Menu Guide help file

There are short, descriptive Help files available by clicking:

Your email address is pivotal to your use of the Member Portal.  Therefore:

  • If you share an email address with another member then a Linked Membership must be set up.  Please refer to the section ‘Sharing an Email Address’ in the registration help.
  • If you do not have an email address yourself, we recommend you seek a relative or friend who can receive and convey communications on your behalf.  If this is not possible, contact  membership or enrolment enquiries.

All Membership or Enrolment enquiries, click: Contact Us

For all other enquiries phone or text:  0490 367 591 (Mon-Fri only)