Membership and Enrolment

As a member of Lake Macquarie U3A you are entitled to attend as many courses, talks and events as you wish during the year, subject to the availability of places. Membership is from February to January of the calendar year following each end-of-year Annual General Meeting.

Regardless of when membership is taken up throughout the year, full yearly membership subscription is $65 per person. Click here for payment instructions.

Please use our system of online forms if possible, either yourself or with the help of a friend. These do not require sign ups or passwords, nor for you to have an email address although using one provides far better all-round communication. The forms can be securely and safely completed on any computer or device and can be accessed at any time. They allow you to:

– join as a new member:
include an email address to ensure faster and more comprehensive communication

LMU3A Risk Statement

update contact details:
a quick way to keep your record up to date to ensure best contact with you, and please use to advise any changes before applying online

apply for or withdraw from courses, provide support information, advise subscription payment

While far less convenient, timely, or reliable, you may alternatively complete and post the Membership and Course Application form. This form is updated with each semester’s Program. It is posted to members without email address, or is available during the enrolment period upon request at the desk at Toronto Library. The postal form is not emailed, not downloadable, and not available in any digital/electronic/online format.

You need to advise your method of payment in your application for new membership, or on the course application form for current members. There is no online membership renewal form per se, and there is no ‘Enrolment Day’ for in-person application.

See Course Enrolment for information about applying for courses.

LMU3A Risk Statement

Subscription payment
New or renewed membership and course applications are conditional until your annual subscription is received. Subscriptions may be paid by direct deposit or cheque. No online payment method is available on this website.

We need to know who you are by having your name clearly stated in the description field (direct deposit), or on the back of a cheque (bank or non-personal cheque). If you aren’t completing the payment yourself, this needs to be emphasized to the teller at your financial institution, or to your relative or friend if they are helping.

Direct Deposit:
Transfer $65 to the following account, either online or over the counter at your financial institution, ensuring the description field contains your full name in sufficient detail to identify you correctly:

BSB Number: 650000
Account Number: 959020300
Account Name: Lake Macquarie U3A Inc
Description: Your surname AND first name or, if that is too long, surname AND initial(s).

Write a personal cheque for $65 (new members), or bank cheque with your name printed on the reverse, made out to ‘Lake Macquarie U3A Inc’ then post to:

Lake Macquarie U3A Inc
PO Box 782 Toronto 2283