Description and Guidelines

Click to start a reply, enter a course number and enter a subscription code, then click Send.

That might be all that’s needed to renew membership and apply for enrolment using the ‘enrolment-by-email’ system!

With this system, an ‘Enrolment Application’ will be sent to each current member with an email address soon after the Program is published each Semester. A reply to this email is the quickest way to submit course applications, advise of payment method, or provide related information such as offering to assist as a course clerk or volunteer, or suggestions for new courses.

The following description and rules must be followed or the application will not succeed.

1. Personal Reference Code   A reference code appears in the Subject line of the email. This uniquely identifies a member. The reference code can conveniently be used for identification in online Course Application or Member Contact form submissions. It is changed periodically for security reasons.

Members reply only to the personally addressed email received from LMU3A specifically for this system. A reply can be sent back to LMU3A from any email address or from any computer or device.

2. Individual checking   Responses will not actually be read by anyone, as the reply goes automatically into a database. Please check the accuracy of the information before sending.

3. Above the message   It is important the reply is entered above the original message, if your system settings show the message at all.

4. No changing, fixing, forwarding or editing
  There must be no editing of the ‘To’ field, ‘Subject’ field, or the lengthy instructions in the body text from the original message. This includes the imprints or timestamps that may appear in the reply. These must all be left intact. There must be no change to what might sometimes appear to be distorted formatting of the original text.

5. One item per entry   The items in a reply must be entered separately. Each item of information (be it a simple enrolment course code or an extended description) must be completed from the start of a line to the finish before pressing the Enter key. This is irrespective of how many ‘lines’ there might appear to be on the screen of the sending device.

Only the individual course code numbers are required. The course title or other conversational information is optional.

Course numbers and other items may be entered in any order. It does not matter in what numerical sequence they are entered.

6. Simplicity
  The system prefers ‘bare bones’ replies with correct alphanumeric codes only. This may feel unnatural. Additional or conversational information needs to be rejected otherwise incorrect information might be registered.

7. Subscription payment method   Membership requires payment of the annual subscription. For cross-referencing our records with bank statements, the method used must be advised to us after payment has been made (once each year, by any formal means). Membership is deemed to be confirmed once payment is received.

  • The preferred payment method is by Direct Deposit. Use “DD” in a reply email.
  • Alternatively, a cheque may be posted. Use “Chq” in a reply email.

Course Leaders are exempt from the subscription unless they participate in a course other than one they lead.

8. Additional item codes   Codes are used to flag whether a member wishes to volunteer as follows:

  • CC for course clerk offer
  • CL for course leader or suggestions for future courses
  • V for volunteer offer

Also, use

  • # for additional information you wish to provide
  • w (upper or lower case) before a course code number to withdraw a previous application.


Example 1   This is an application for enrolment in courses 246 and 567 and withdrawal from course 468.

Example 2   The subscription is advised as having been made by Direct Deposit. There are two offers to be Course Clerk: one for course 246 (implicitly, application is made for this course) and one general for any other course in which the member is enrolled. They propose a specific topic for a future course, and volunteer assistance at events.
CC 246
CL Dream Homes of Bucca Wauka

Example 3   Subscription payment is advised as being made by Cheque. There is an offer to be course clerk for two specific courses. A note is provided.
CC 246
CC 567
# Cannot attend in middle weeks of course 131

For examples of the way Enrolment Application replies actually appear, see:

for Semester 1:   Enrolment Application Email Reply (Semester 1)
for Semester 2:   Enrolment Application Email Reply (Semester 2)