Course Enrolment

As a member of Lake Macquarie U3A, you can apply for enrolment in any of the available courses, talks and events in the current Program:

Online – using an easy to follow Course Application form: apply for courses, withdraw an enrolment, provide information


Postal – a Membership and Course Application form is available only to those unable to provide us with an email address or, generally and upon request in person, at Toronto Library during an enrolment period: a slow and cumbersome method by post and not accepted if scanned and emailed; to be used only if you cannot access the online form yourself or with the help of a friend.

The online form does not require a username or password but does require you to be in our membership records or to have recently submitted a new member application. It can be securely and safely completed on any computer or device. Applications are welcome from early January to mid-November.

You are encouraged to carefully consider and submit your application as early as possible after the new Program is published (usually, first week of January for Semester 1 and last week of June for Semester 2). Applications received within two weeks of the Program being published may be balloted for any course that is oversubscribed. Otherwise, and after that time period, classes and wait lists are formed in order of receipt.

All applications are conditional upon you being a financial member of Lake Macquarie U3A, and provisional, irrespective of how or when submitted, until class limits and lists are finalized or updated and individual confirmation letters distributed. It is important to keep your contact details up to date.

Note about Semester 1 applications:   A discretionary freeze in the processing of applications is applied from five days before to five days after the start of Semester 1 sessions. This reduces excessive revision and reprinting of class lists, and stabilizes classes for course leaders and course clerks.

Note about continuing (full year) courses:   Admissions in continuing courses do not require re-application for Semester 2. If a course then continues into a new year the class list initially carries over as well, however participants must re-apply before the advertised Semester 1 close of enrolments to maintain their place.