LMU3A Risk Statement

In order to promote and foster the safe and enjoyable aspect of belonging to Lake Macquarie U3A Inc (LMU3A) this Risk Statement clarifies:

(a) the risks and responsibilities of members and/or honorary members (hereinafter in this Risk   Statement referred to collectively  as “Members”) attending or participating in any LMU3A course/s or events, and 

(b) LMU3A’s disclaimer of liability or responsibility for any risk inherent in undertaking such course/s or events.

Members acknowledge and accept that

(i) Participation in course/s or events organised by LMU3A may involve certain risks, including the possibility of harm or damage to Members and their property.

(ii) Such risks will require Members to exercise prior judgment as to whether to commence or continue with any particular activity irrespective of information supplied by the association’s officers

(iii) it is the sole responsibility of Members to determine whether or not to undertake or continue any course or activity

(iv) LMU3A does not insure individual Members’ property which is regarded as the sole responsibility of each individual Member.


Lake Macquarie U3A arranges courses, study groups, talks and workshops sprinkled with enjoyable social activities – always keeping in mind that it is not a social club, but offers learning opportunities in a social environment. Our success depends on the enthusiasm, willing participation and commitment of our members. Most courses and talks are given by members but sometimes non-members who have a special interest offer to give a course or present a talk.

Two Course Programs are offered each year covering the following periods:

  • February to June,
  • July to November.

Course lengths may vary from one to eight sessions. All courses are quite informal, and there are no exams.

We offer a wide variety of courses including: History, Current Affairs, Book Reading, Languages for Beginners or Conversation, (French, German, Italian), Bridge, Mah Jong, Trivial Pursuit, Choir, Orchestra, Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, Embroidery, Painting, Card Making, Drawing, Ukulele and Recorder, Tap, Jazz, Line Dancing, Peace & Circle, Belly Dancing, Fitness & Exercise, Philosophy, Poetry, Story Writing, Play Reading, Psychology and Meditation. In addition there are day excursions, social events and weekly talks.

Enrolment in the majority of courses offered is free for financial members. (See Enrolment details in Membership Section of this website). Please note that there may be additional costs for day excursions and some courses may require an additional payment for materials. These details are highlighted in the course Program.

Courses are conducted during the day at various venues in the Toronto and the neighbouring areas. Find out more about our venues.

Some courses and excursions may have limited places available. All details of courses, excursions and talks including scheduled course times and venues are published in the course program at the beginning of each new semester.

U3A operates in accordance with COVID safety guidelines and management practices:

Covid Safety Plan Dec21

COVID Risk Form Dec21

Download the latest versions.

Program Semester 1 2022 – v2